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Grass on the roof

Your roof is a large structural component in your home. Its main role is to provide the rest of your property protection from the outdoor elements, specifically the rain, snowfall, hail storms, and other types of falling debris that could damage the structure of your house. It also prevents insects from freely entering your home or damaging the external structure. Lastly, it also keeps the heat in during the cold seasons while keeping the direct heat from the sun out during the summer. In this way, it functions in conserving energy inside your home in order to maintain a comfortable living environment for you and your family.

There are so many different types of roofs that you can pick for your home. With almost an endless supply of options in the market, most homeowners opt for what is popular or trendy in their area or for something that is most cost-effective. A popular choice is the use of cedar shingles for roofing.

Unfortunately, cedar shingles can cost more than most other options. Among others, it can definitely help you make your home stand out and give it a great look. However, most homeowners worry about the actual value and costs when getting cedar shingles. The main problem that you might face is how long your investment in getting those expensive cedar shingles would actually last.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are wooden shingles. Thus, they are a natural and renewable material that is biodegradable. One of the great things about cedar shingles is that it functions as a great home insulator while still providing good ventilation. In the long run, you can actually save up on heating and cooling bills if your roof is properly maintained.


On average, homeowners can expect a cedar shingle roof to last between 30 to 40 years, especially with the climates in Frederick. A few factors that limit the longevity of your roof include the climate and exposure to saltwater. Aside from those main factors, there are also other things that can either make your roof last longer or deteriorate faster.

Quality of Installation

When cedar shingles are not installed by the right professionals, they are likely to only last you a few years and even a few months if done by someone inexperienced. Our roofers are skilled and have been installing cedar shingles for years, and they are certified to work on your roofs. The best installation will increase your roof’s lifespan since the sealing and alignment are sure to be done meticulously. Any gaps would allow moisture to get in which would likely cause damage to the internal roof structures. Preventing that from happening is what distinguishes a professional roofing contractor from an amateur.

Maintenance and Care

After your cedar shingles are set, applying a nice coat of paint or waterproofing material is effective in protecting your roof from environmental damage. The best contractor should be able to help you pick out what the best type of sealant on your roof is. A common mistake that most homeowners make is not prioritizing roof maintenance after installation. Avoid this by setting an annual roof assessment.

Water Damage

The main cause of roof damage is a build-up of water or moisture. This can cause severe structural damage to your roof deck and even your house’s internal support. However, with the right installation and proper sealing by the right contractor, you can avoid having to remedy those costly damages. But, you should always be on the lookout for any signs of leaking or warping on the ceiling since these are some of the earliest indicators of water seeping through your roof. Avoid leaving these repairs until later since the more damage, the higher the cost of repairs.

Wood Rot

Wood rot occurs when moisture gets in through the roof and starts to cause decay because of fungal growth. Cedar is naturally resistant to wood rot but this doesn’t mean the internal wood frames of your home aren’t. Because this growth is caused by moisture, you are likely to have this when signs of water damage are apparent. Get your contractor to check just to be safe.


Depending on where you got your cedar shingles, some manufacturers offer p to a 30-year warranty. Check with your contractor and the manufacturer to find out. These warranties typically cover their products for the given time frame and if you need any repairs within that time, you can save a lot in terms of material cost. However, coverage is always different per product and per company so you need to determine what the specific inclusions and exclusions of the warranty are.

The average lifespan of your cedar shingles definitely depends on how it is installed, and how you maintain it. With the climate in Frederick, you will definitely need to assess your roof for damage after major storms. However, with the right materials, best contractor, and your own due diligence in maintaining your property, your cedar shingle roof could last you well up to 4 years, and maybe even more.

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