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Most homeowners recognize the many factors that can contribute to roof damage: leaks, extreme weather, and old-fashioned wear and tear. But another prevalent reason for damage that many people don’t think about is strong winds.

Wind may not seem very threatening to your roof at first blush, but it can actually be very destructive,

70-90 mph (miles per hour) winds can severely hurt your roof. Even when wind speeds don’t reach those levels, your roof can take a beating from just a 50 mph gust.

This blustery factor may account for the stat below.

Roofing replacements make up 94% of the total volume in North American roofing projects.”

That’s a lot of roofs folks.

shingle sitting in front yard blown off from wind damage


As high winds whip through Frederick, MD, and the surrounding counties, many local homeowners find their roofs dinged and damaged.

With roof preservation in mind, here are 4 of the most common results of wind damage and how you can address them.

The steps outlined here will help you preserve and improve your roofing situation now and in the future.

Repairing or replacing a roof can be a frustrating, time-consuming, and costly process. Being proactive about maintaining and improving your roof can save you in all the ways that matter. We always recommend hiring a company that will give you a professional evaluation, estimate and work with your insurance company to make sure your home is repaired the right way.

Curled or Damaged Shingles

Many homes in the Frederick area are older (around 25 to 30 years) which means older shingles have been worn down by winds over time.

High winds love to pull on these shingles. This can damage the adhesive and cause your roof shingles to curl upwards at the edges. The wind can also strip pieces of your shingles away.

Another area of damage can be the loss of granules. This part of shingles looks like sand-paper and can be dislodged by the wind. A quick inspection of your gutters can reveal how much of these granules you’ve lost. Without these granules, your roof can develop “bald” spots.

How to prevent or mitigate shingle wind damage?

To prevent damaged shingles, we recommend finding superior material and replacing shingles as they begin to show signs of age and wind damage.

It’s also important to consider what type of shingles or roofing material suits your home in functionality and style.

Bottom line: If your shingles are curling or balding, it might be time to contact your local roofing contractor for repairs.

For more information on roofing, check out our post to guide you to the best material for your home.

Missing Shingles

Of course, there are times when the wind simply rips shingles or other roofing materials like tile or rubber clean off your roof.

How do these missing pieces affect your roof as a whole? Besides looking unattractive and lowering the value of your home, missing shingles can put your home at risk in several ways.

  • Missing shingles expose the underbody of your roofs to the elements. Rain, hail, and even UV light from the sun can cause problems like leaking and an unusually warm home.
  • If you skip replacing your missing shingles, bacteria can build up around your roof. Like leaves, dirt, and even trash, debris can be blown onto your roof by high winds. Once this debris has worked its way under your existing shingles, it can cause mold and mildew to build up. This can lower the overall value and effectiveness of your roof system.
  • Flashing exposure is also a possibility once you’ve lost shingles. Flashings are a thin metal material installed on your roof that directs water away from key areas like your chimney, air vents, and more. This helps prevent leaks. If the flashing is exposed, your roof can become more vulnerable to leaks.

The best way to resolve a missing shingle issue?

We recommend working with an experienced roofer to replace the lost shingles as soon as possible.

After 30 years in the business, our Semper West team has seen more than our fair share of shingle issues. We can help you find the roofing materials that match your current situation and add in replacements quickly and efficiently. We also ensure long-lasting repair and high-quality materials with our proven hands-on process.

Find out here how we can help you repair your wind-damage roof today and better protect it tomorrow.

Punctures in the Roof

A roof puncture is essentially a hole in your roof. The culprit here can be several factors, but high winds often send a tree branch or another object sailing across your rooftop with just enough velocity and pressure to create a puncture.

These holes can be hazardous because they are not easy to detect and can cause moisture to leak into your home’s interior.

What should you do if your roof has a puncture?

Look into repairing that section of your roof or even replacing your entire roof. Which path you take depends entirely on the extent of the damage done. Sometimes knowing what your roof needs after this type of damage can be complex.

In this situation, you should trust an insured, licensed professional to inspect your roofing system and give a fair assessment of the damage.

Our experts can visit your home, complete a full inspection of your damage, and help you craft a repair plan that is the best solution for your needs. Contact us for a free quote today!

Cracked or Missing Gutter Systems

Unfortunately, your roof is not the only part of your home’s exterior vulnerable to damaging winds.

Your gutters can be cracked, loosened, or even wholly blown off from windy weather.

What’s the best route for gutter repair or replacement?

If the damage is confined to a few small areas, an easy repair can be performed to one system section. Minor cracks, dents, and small holes don’t become a massive issue until they can no longer be plugged with sealant.

The most obvious sign a gutter needs to be replaced is when the entire length of the tracks has cracks or holes. If there are gaps between sections of the gutter that cannot be fixed with sealant, it’s time for a new system.

We offer gutter systems that are sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and don’t interfere with your home’s shingles. Reach out to our team today to find the perfect gutter for your home’s needs.

What’s the best way to prevent wind damage?

Work with an experienced company with a built-in process designed to provide you with the best roof possible.

We know bad weather and high winds can cause a lot of damage and anxiety. We’ll start alleviating your concerns by completing an evaluation and quickly working out an estimate with your insurance company.

You can also count on us for other repairs and replacements like siding, window replacement, deck construction, etc.

Don’t hesitate to get the best service for yourself and your home. Contact us today!



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