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If you’ve recently bought a new house, then you’re probably experiencing an array of emotions ranging from happiness to enthusiasm to fear. New homeowners are excited about the prospect of personally owning a space that they could legally call their own. Depending on the type of house or home that you purchased, it may be quite a few years before you would have to do any kind of maintenance unless you already have home improvement projects scheduled ahead.

Sitting arrangement near big window

Some parts of the house that new homeowners rarely think about are the windows and doors, which is why you have to keep in mind that having energy-efficient windows and doors will surely lower your monthly heating and cooling bills, but substandard quality doors and windows will allow the dreadful weather outside to interfere with the temperature inside your home, this may also pose to be a potential security issue. Even if you recently purchased this new home, always be aware that builders often use “construction-grade” windows that may quickly fall apart. As shown in a recent survey, homes less than 20 years old have the highest rate of window failure. In the case that you bought an older home, then it may be best to inspect the house before you consider moving in. In fact, you should consider having all the door locks changed prior to moving in.

Should You Purchase Replacement Windows?

As you go about inspecting your new home, always check that the windows and doors are able to shut all the way and can lock properly. Sometimes you can even feel the wind or the heat outside coming through your windows or doors.

Other ways to inspect your home may include:

  • Looking at the caulking; if it’s dry or crumpling then it obviously needs to be replaced.
  • Checking the paint; Is it weathered or peeling? You would have to scrape off the old paint and calk to redo them.
  • As we previously mentioned, check all the windows and doors; Windows that stick or will not open may signal uneven shrinkage or swelling. Even if these are vinyl or aluminum windows this problem may still occur if the sash or frame sags in the event that they were not reinforced.
Cold Months

Even though it may seem that the end of fall and throughout the entirety of winter are horrible times to get your windows replaced, the simple truth is that some people actually prefer having their windows replaced during winter. When you have a professional contractor to install your windows in, it isn’t going to take that much time at all. You don’t have to worry about having a hole in your wall for days on end. Before you even notice it, your brand new windows will be installed! You don’t have to worry about the cold since there are plenty of options that can keep the cold out while the replacement is ongoing. It may be necessary to only have an inner door closed to keep the cold in depending on the type of window replacement being done. In the case that it’s a specific room or space that you just cannot allow to be sealed off then a heavy blanket could be hung around to contain the dreadful cold to just the surroundings near the window.

If you’re the type of person who wants the job done as soon as possible, then the cold season is no problem.

Warm Months

This is the time when most people have their replacement windows installed, but the only problem is that there would be too many people for it. If it’s not a big deal competing with other people to arrange a date to have your windows replaced then these are a few things you could afford to know about during warm month installations. Contractors who work during warm month installations are even faster in comparison to cold month installations. So expect a quick replacement when you schedule for around this season. There are some people who tend to worry about the heavy rainstorms or thunderstorms delaying their plans to have their windows replaced. This is definitely something to ponder during this season. Rain can easily cause window replacements to be harder to schedule, this is why you would have to schedule early to avoid the complications unpleasant weather can bring you.


All in all when it comes to window replacement, and in actuality, most other home renovations, going against the current demand can go a long way when you’re saving money. Of course, the downside of this is that you may have to schedule your replacement in a colder month. However, if you have to consider that these installations can be performed effectively all-year-round then there really is no downside to think about when booking in the wintertime. You can always contact a professional contractor for consultation on the best schedule for the window replacement. Roofing Frederick MD is known for providing fast window replacement services.

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