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Semper West Builders Corporate Staff

Brian Carpenter

President, Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

Karen Carpenter

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]

Lance Dodd

Senior Project Manager
[email protected]

Jonathan Carswell
Sam Carswell
Brandon Buhr

Project Manager
[email protected]

Kay Griffith

Scheduling Coordinator
[email protected]

Semper West Roofing staff

Mayland Roofing Experts and Support Staff

Offering a wide range of shingle options, Semper West specializes in CertainTeed, Tamko, and GAF products and can help you find a roof to fit any budget. Our installers are extensively trained and certified for all our roofing products in Frederick, MD. Operating in Maryland and Virginia, our Frederick roofing company offers the highest quality of service. Customers can rest assured that not only our installers but also our estimators and project supervisors complete the training and certification process.

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Semper West

9211 Baltimore Rd, Frederick, MD 21704