Metal Roofing

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As 30-year roofing veterans serving the MA and VA areas, we at Semper West Roofing takes pride in our craftsmanship in the roofing and construction industry. At our disposal are the best tools and equipment for any construction project, used by a team of expert roofers and professional construction workers dedicated to the best of their craft. As your premier roofing and construction company, we want nothing more than your customer satisfaction by providing you with the very best in service and quality. And with the various roofing and services on our offering, you can rest assured that whatever the construction project you may have, Semper West can do it for you. Just ask our many happy clients and partners!

Trust the Experts in Metal Roofing

One of our fields of roofing expertise in on metal roofing installation, repair, and maintenance. Using the quality products of our partners in the roofing material manufacturing industry such as CertainTeed, Tamko, and GAF, you can rest easy that your metal roofs from us will be beautiful and durable. And as a certified Home Depot contractor, we can give you the best roofing material options available from the leading home improvement store’s extensive inventory.

Investing In Your Home With a Great Roof

As a roofing material, metal has several benefits unique from other types of roofing. This justifies their slightly higher price range compared to other roofs. This also helps them provide a much more substantial return of investment in the long run.

Metal & Standing Seam

Contrary to conventional wisdom, metal roofs are no longer products of mining. Nowadays, the metal roofs you will buy and have installed are made from recycled metal, making for less impact on the ecology.


Given what it is, metal roofs are highly resistant to fire and heat. Not only will they withstand it, but they can also protect your homes from catching fire also.


Metal does not absorb sunlight and other forms of radiation. As such, not only can block ultraviolet rays from entering your home, they can also keep your air conditioning bills down by up to 25%.


Depending on the type of metal you’ll have, metal roofs can last between 20 to 100 years. This means it won’t be strange if your high-quality roof can end up intact even if the rest of your home has deteriorated.

Choosing Which Metal Roof Is Best for You

Metal roofs come in a variety of choices; each one having characteristics which makes them ideal for certain situations. We at Semper West can help you pick the best roof for your home.


Steel is a mixture of iron and other types of metal, which is why there are so many different types with varying properties. This is also true for steel roofs.


Galvanized roofs are the most common type of metal roofing. They are made from placing a layer of zinc over the steel. As an element, zinc reacts easily with the oxygen in the air which produces a hard layer over the sheet to protect it from further reactions.


Galvalume uses a mixture of zinc and aluminum as its topmost coating over the steel. As in galvanized metal roofs, the exposed layer forms a protective stratum that shields the roof from corrosion. As a nice by-product, the reaction between the two elements and oxygen gives the roof panel an attractive mottled pattern.


One of the earliest types of steel roofs, weathering steel lets the topmost layer turn into rust and uses it as its protection. The resulting reddish appearance makes weathering steel roofs great for accents on your house. However, compared to other roofing types, weathering steel isn’t as strong as the others.


Zinc can make a great roof for homeowners on a budget since it is the least expensive of the different metal roofs. it is also easy to reshape, making it great as fittings for structures which have irregular, unconventional angles. It also automatically shields itself from elemental damage by forming a protective outermost patina.


Like zinc, aluminum roofs are great because they form a layer of oxides that protect them from further damage. But this is even more so for aluminum, which is the roofing of choice in harsh environments where the building will constantly be battered by the elements and other corrosive substances such as saltwater.


As a roofing material, copper is the granddaddy of all metal roofs, as you can see with many old and historical buildings featuring copper on their roof. The relative softness of makes it easy to work with, with the added bonus of it merely denting from impact where other harder roofs would have punctured. The golden reddish hue also gives the home a beautiful appearance.