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Your Master Slate Roofers in Frederick, MD

As veterans in the roofing business in Maryland, Washington DC, and the nearby Virginia area, we at Semper West Roofing are devoted to our mission of giving you the best professional roofing and construction service. The 42 awards we’ve won in the past three decades we’ve been in the roofing industry are proof that our 360 employees are dedicated to our craft and making sure our customers and clients are happy with us and our work. For any roofing construction project, having us at Semper West be your partner is a great start towards having your dream home. Let one of our expert roofing consultants help you decide which roof is best for you free.

Need a slate roof installed or fixed? Our team of professional roofers can help you out, no worries!

Slate tile roofs have been around for more than 700 years. In the United States, slate roofs have existed as roofs in buildings and homes since the 17th century but were not commercially mined and made until the mid-1700s.

As a roofing material slate rock is great because it easily splits along a line into relatively flat slabs. These produce roofing shingles and tiles that are great because of how they look and their strength.

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Getting Your Slate Roof Done Right

Like most things in life, you can only have the best if you give your best in having it. In the case of slate, getting a slate roof installed and maintained is not for just any roofer, much less anyone.

One reason why slate is a great construction material is the ease in making them. Its cleaving properties make it so that a well-aimed strike at the right spot makes split slate into the tiles that we want. However, it also makes it susceptible to breaking during handling and installation. A misplaced foot can cause a perfectly good tile to go to waste.

It requires special tools and equipment, used by people who know how to use them and who know how to handle the tiles. In truth, slate installation and repair is the mark of a master among roofing craftsmen.

Why Choose Slate?


Because they are 100% natural rock, a properly installed slate roof’s life can run in the centuries. This makes it unrivaled among roofing materials in terms of longevity. In fact, it’s not unheard of to have a home collapse with age while its slate roof still intact and serviceable.


Slate roofs are basically impervious to flame. The only thing that can make slate roofs burst into flames and otherwise be damaged by fire is volcanic level heat. Nearby fires and brushfires are not a concern for a slate tile roof.

Energy Saving

Because slate is an insulator, a slate roof is great at absorbing ultraviolet rays and other forms of heat. Your slate roof can effectively lower your air conditioning and cooling costs considerably during warm weather. In the same way, your roof can keep warmth from dissipating during nippy days and lowering your heating expenses.

Environmentally Friendly

There’s little embodied energy in slate roofs; meaning the total effort and energy invested in making a slate shingle or tile is small compared to other roofing materials. They are also easily recyclable. Their durability and long service life allow slate shingles and tiles to be reused: if not as roofs, then at least as flooring and in interior decoration.


Slate roofs give a classic aura to a home. Its small irregularities in shape and texture give the house an elegance that is unique among other roofing and construction materials. Also, because of its longevity, your home can keep this look almost indefinitely.

Increased Value

Because of all the above reasons and a lot more, a slate roof is almost always a factor in raising your home’s value. Real estate agents and home value appraisers put a large premium on the condition and appearance of a home’s roof, and having a perfectly conditioned slate roof can raise your house’s price by at least a thousand dollars or so.

Masters in Slate

Fortunately, if you live in MD, Washington, DC, and the nearby communities in VA, we at Semper West can help you with your slate roof. Our team of roofers is well-versed in handling and installing slate roofs, and we have all the right tools needed to set up your roof and keep it in top shape.

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