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We know it can be frustrating when you first discover water leaking from your ceiling, or you notice shingles missing after high winds or a heavy storm. In many cases, these issues may only require a simple repair but they can also lead to further problems down the road if not treated properly. At Semper West, we recommend a professional roof inspection if you believe your roof may have been damaged in any way.

Since Semper West was founded, we've been committed to providing the most attentive, complete, and knowledgeable personal service. For your peace of mind, any new roof by Semper West comes with an insured warranty. We encourage you to speak with one of our representatives to find out about the extent of our warranties when it comes to new roof repairs ans shingle replacements.

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The roof can be particularly vulnerable to ice-related and water damage that is unavoidable whenever it is winter. Since you are not a professional, you may not have the ability to identify if there are any problems until they create havoc to the rest of your home.

Semper West Roofing is dedicated to share our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with anyone that needs roof repair in Frederick, MD and the surrounding areas. We assign a lead supervisor for every job site to make sure that the roof repair service that we provide to every customer and workmanship is of great quality. Aside from that, we always make sure that our installers, project supervisors, and estimators were able to complete the needed training and process in certification.

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Signs that Your Roof Needs Repair

Since winter is already gone, are you aware of the signs that you need to search for so you will know if the roof needs some repairs? When you see the snow melting away, you may realize that the home, particularly the roof, was able to experience a lot of suffering because of the freezing temperatures and storms.


Rain and snow can flow into the gutters through the valleys of the roof. In case the valleys may not be sufficient, the water may collect and eventually make the roof leak.

Shingles that are Missing or Curled

Whenever you notice that the roof’s shingles are buckling or curling, you may definitely need to have the roof undergo some serious repairs. In case the whole shingles are disappearing or shingles appear to lose its granules, the roof may be past its expected life.

Moss and Dark Streaks on the Roof

Whenever the roof has algae that is airborne, the roof may appear to have some dark streaks. In case the home does not get enough sunlight, there is a high possibility for the growth of moss. This moss can retain the moisture and eventually get frozen whenever the temperatures are cold. It can ultimately damage the shingles’ granules.

Gutters that are Clogged

As what is previously mentioned, whenever the shingles reach the end of their span of life, the granules may start falling off. Whenever you see that the gutters are full of shingle granules, the shingles may need to get replaced immediately.

Whatever kind of roof that is on your home or wherever you reside, the roof must undergo inspection at least once or twice every year. In case you reside in a place that usually gets hit with weather that is extreme, you may need to frequently get a consultation from a roof service provider more often.

In case the roof appears to be weak, the rest of the home may be at risk. The weakened roof can allow the moisture to reach the home’s foundation and allow you to become vulnerable to mold which can be highly dangerous to a person’s health. Damage because of water has an average cost of approximately $2,386 for repairs. Because of this, it is important that you identify any warning signs before something more terrible happens.

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Semper West Roofing is a BBB A+ accredited company has more than three decades of roof repair experience in Frederick, Maryland and surrounding areas. Our company can help you have your roof repaired that can fit any budget. We have installers that underwent extensive certification and training for every roofing product and our services speaks about who we are!

Our company operates in Virginia and Maryland with services that of the best quality in case your home is in need of roof repairs. We are proud to offer a wide range of shingle options for our roofing projects from the best manufacturers in the market – CertainTeed, Tamko and GAF.

Our expertise goes beyond roofing! We also do your siding, windows, doors, and gutters, that may be for either commercial or residential purposes, we have highly reliable contractors that are willing to provide the needed assistance. Contact us to get a free quote or schedule an inspection. We are ready to serve you!

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We're so glad we selected Semper West for our roofing, gutter replacement, and front door trim repair project. The owner, Brian, gave an informative presentation of their services, and explained all the options, methods and materials they use. Brian quoted a very competitive price without us having to ask. He also provided full documentation on their licensing, insurance, and bonding with the estimate.

The job was scheduled within two weeks and work began shortly thereafter. They did NOT ask for an up-front deposit or require payment until we were fully satisfied. Their crew chiefs, Lance & John, were always available to answer our questions and were key to ensuring a great job! Highly recommended!

- David M. Brookeville, MD

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With more than 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers. Whether you are interested in roofing, siding, windows, gutters, or repairs, our contractors are here to help. Each job is assigned a lead job site supervisor that insures quality workmanship and customer service.

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